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  • The Energy stream was focused on low energy housing and particularly on new approaches and solutions to enhancing energy efficiency of buildings
  • The Neuroscience stream uncovered dynamic and constantly evolving field of science at the intersection of physiology, engineering and computer science
  • We cordialy appreciate contribution of the lecturers, participants, partners and organizers! AACIMP-2014 was a success thanks to you all!
  • Annual Operational Research stream aimed to provide overview on state-of-the-art Operational Research
  • This year lectures and courses of the Applied Computer Science stream were focused on Data Science and Data Analysis
  • AACIMP-2015 is under devolopment. To get the idea of our Summer School see the program of AACIMP-2014.

Plenary Talk

photoNeuronsVibrantBrain, Body and Robotics. The Dialogue Between Biological and Man-made Machines.

Neuroscientists seek new ways to cure and prevent brain disorders and bridge gaps in our understanding of brain function. What distinguishes neuroscience from the rest of otherwise interesting scientific fields is the most fascinating and fundamental question ever posed by a human being – “How does the brain work?” In this general overview lecture we will cover some recent breakthroughs and glimpse into the future of Neuroscience and related technologies.

Lecturer: Dr. Sergiy Yakovenko, Neural Engineering Laboratory, West Virginia University, School of Medicine (West Virginia, USA)

New dates

1972523_10152451592547442_6414339523853909074_n.jpgToday we have amazing news for you!

This year our summer school program will extend to 2 days, which means that now you will have even more fantastic lectures from professors of world-known universities and more days will be spent with your friends in beautiful Kyiv!

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